Let’s Make Casino Games at home

Before setting our foot onto the adventure that is making Casino Games at home, let us first start by increasing our knowledge about,

What do we mean by casino games?

As the name speaks for itself the games that we are offered to play in a setting as Casino is called Casino games. Most of the casinos are famous for being a hotspot for gambling. The players gamble using the casino cash that are the chips available or provided by the Casino. Casino games can also, of course, be conducted outside the casino setting for entertainment and fun for example in schools, colleges, competitions or house parties.

Casino games basically consist of three below mentioned categories:

  • Gaming Machine
  • Table Games
  • Random Number Games

Casino games that can be made and played at home

Games that can be played easily are mostly the ones that act as the lifeline of Casino games that can be made at home. People who like to be adventurous with a risky life many times like to try them at their birthday parties, festivities, kitty parties etc.

Some of the Casino games that can be given the title of being homemade are:
homemade roulette

  • Tambola With Playing Cards: Tambola is played very often in parties and social gatherings but to make tambola specifically a Casino game it is played using a deck of playing cards and the indices are called out instead of using the Standard Tambola Board for finding out the winner.
  • Plinko: This is the type of homemade Casino games in which you have to create your own Plinko board having a standard size of 6 feet x 4 feet and has nails embedded in that very wooden board. The slots are made at the bottom for the points. It is played using small plastic discs.
  • Roulette: This is yet another made at a home Casino game that you are met with at many gatherings and social events conducted around your locality. To play this game you need to have on you a rowlet board with all its specifics perfectly carved on it.
  • Spinning Wheel: This is yet another shot at having a Casino game made at home. Prizes are arranged in numbers. A spinning wheel is carved out of cardboard and a circular paper is glued on it. The paper glued then with the help of sketches is divided into sections of discs. An arrow pointer is arranged. The arrow covers all the circumference of the circle or wheel drawn. One by one each player tests his luck spinning the wheel and earning themselves some prizes or none.

dice game
Dice Game: This is one of another interesting made at a home Casino game. Every player is given a chance to roll 5 dice. If you get three faces that are exact replicas of each other you win small. If you are met with four similar faces you win medium. And finally, if you get all the five faces similar you are rewarded with the grand prize.


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