Brief information about the 888 poker app

888 poker is an online poker app that ensures that you play poker anytime and anywhere you want to.

This is a user-friendly online poker app with real cash prizes on matches and many entertaining and thrilling tournaments.

You can download it on any electronic device. No matter which electronic device you have. Let it be either any smartphone Android, mobile tab, or iPhone as well.

What are bonuses and offers for beginners?
888 poker app for beginners

888 online poker app provides you with big bonus offers to play poker which will be profitable to play poker but in terms of that firstly you have to deposit some cash of your own as commission.

For example, firstly you have to deposit $10 or more to play poker on the 888 poker app. You can play with double the amount of what you deposit, for example:

  • If you deposit $10 you can play on $20.
  • If you deposit $200 you can play with $400

These bonuses offer will ensure that you do not lose any money and you will be always in profit no matter if you win or you lose. There is also a 100% bonus of $400.

Why choose the 888 poker app to play poker?

  1. It is a safe and secure online poker app which do not involve any third party and hence ensures your privacy.
  2. It has a well-secured cashier in the app through which you can deposit or withdraw whatever money you have to with the help of any preferred methods that are either via debit card, visa card, or any online payment app.
  3. It has amazing, thrilling tournaments, cash games, casino games and many more in a single online poker app.
  4. 888 online poker app ensures that you play poker anytime and anywhere at the fastest. You can end one game and immediately you can start another game.
  5. The 888 poker app has online webcams by which you can have real experience of poker by looking at their eyes and challenging them and winning huge cash prizes by battling with them.

What are different tournaments in the 888 poker app?
888 poker app tournaments

888 poker provides you with a wide variety of tournaments that enhance your skills at a professional level by which you can win huge money prizes.

The different tournaments in the 888 online poker app include:

  • Sit and Go’s: you can play with worldwide players with players 6 or 9 on each table. The top 3 on Sit and Go will win the money and the one who turns the table in favour will get more money on his account.
  • Multi-Table Tournaments: with Multi-Table tournaments, You can start the match at $0.1 and you can win huge cash prizes. As the opponent loses you went to another table to play the match.
  • Heads-up poker: There are one vs one matches. You have to play with one person at a time until only one person is there.

Betting, wager: one can use his 888 poker balance to do betting on sports and wager on casino games like roulette, blackjack, and slots.


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